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Matsh is a Youth Development enterprise aims to provide developmental services and programs for young people. Matsh is working in two main areas: professionalizing youth work in the Middle East and North Africa region by providing Youth Development and Youth Work capacity building programs, Formulating code of ethics and standards for youth development sector in MENA region and providing developmental and management consultancy for youth development institutions.

Matsh is also working on empowering young people to build small sample of the services they want to see in future, through Kmboo Youth Development Lab, which is built based on youth development real life simulation concept.


The Best Place For Youth Development in the Middle East and North Africa.





Empowering Young People To Build Small Sample of The Future They Want to See.


Professionalizing Youth Work in The Middle East and North Africa.  


Preparing Professional Youth Workers at  the Middle East And North Africa Region.


To Contribute to the improvement of Youth development Institutions in MENA Region.