Leadership Fundamentals for Young Leaders

Leadership Fundamentals for Young Leaders


Foundational leadership skills are crucial for young people to develop, yet are rarely formally taught. Without training in influence, decision-making, goal-setting, and other competencies, youth struggle to reach their potential as leaders. This course provides immersive education in core leadership principles tailored for teens and young adults.

Gaining leadership fundamentals delivers compelling benefits:

  • Apply strategies to positively influence and motivate peers
  • Improve confidence and discover personal leadership style
  • Set meaningful goals and make wise choices
  • Communicate ideas effectively and resolve conflicts
  • Recognize leadership opportunities and take initiative
  • Understand ethical, inclusive leadership principles
  • Gain skills to lead teams, projects, and organizations

With practical application-focused training, this course prepares youth for leadership roles and responsibilities in school, extracurriculars, volunteering, future careers, and life. The foundational skills equip young people to lead successfully and create positive change.

Course Overview

This intensive course delivers hands-on leadership training for teens and young adults through interactive lessons and role-playing. With a focus on practical application, the curriculum provides opportunities to practice skills through presentations, group projects, self-reflections, and scenario-based activities.

Core modules align with research-based leadership frameworks tailored for youth. Topics include influence, decision-making, goal-setting, communication, conflict resolution, diversity, and leading change. Participants also create a personalized leadership development plan. By the conclusion of the course, learners can apply fundamental leadership strategies with confidence.

Course Content

Emotional Intelligence and Inclusive Leadership

Systems Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Analysing relationships, patterns, and root causes
  • Solving complex strategic challenges

Persuasive Communication and Storytelling

  • Pitching ideas and securing buy-in
  • Inspiring and motivating through narrative

Goal-Setting and Strategic Planning

  • Developing personal and organizational vision
  • Action planning, prioritization, and delegation

Project Management and Execution

  • Managing resources, budgets, timelines
  • Overseeing execution and completing deliverables

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Growth

  • Assessing opportunities and risks
  • Designing business models and partnerships

Leadership Philosophy and Ethics

  • Defining values, purpose, and leadership style
  • Modelling integrity, transparency, and ethics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the intended audience for this course?

Driven teens and young adults with leadership fundamentals ready for elevated expertise.

What is the learning format and duration?

This is a 10-day intensive live online or in-person course with customized and interactive training.

What supplies or materials are required?

Learners will need a computer and notebook. We provide all printed course materials.

Is credentialing included?

Yes, learners earn an Advanced Leadership digital badge upon completion.

Is group enrollment available?

Yes, schools and youth organizations can inquire about discounted group rates.

Is pre-work required prior to the course?

Yes, some leadership fundamentals pre-work is required to enroll.

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