Kmboo Youth Expo

Empowering Young People to Build Small Sample of the Future They want to See!


Kmboo Youth Expo is a youth event and exhibition, it aims to empower young people to build small sample of the future they want to see. Kmboo Youth Expo consists of three levels. In level one, participants go for Design Thinking and Futurism workshops. While in level two participants are divided into groups based on their field of interest, to research and design the future service centers they want to see in their respective fields. In the final level, participants build small sample of the service centers they have designed using temporary educational building technologies and showcase their designs in a public exhibition.

Kmboo Youth Expo takes place in Public spaces, Universities and High Schools.

تنمية الشباب

                                                                                        Youth Development                                                                                           (Experiential Learning Sessions)


Design Thinking


بحث و تصميم

                                                                                               Design                                                                                                (Research)


Teaming Up

(Education, Health, Sports, Economy, Media)



Service Design

Service Centers Design

محاكاة و بناء

                                                                                            Build                                                                                              (Simulation)


Building Small Sample of the Future Service Centers

(Education, Health, Sports, Economy, Media)



exhibition 2