#sesaYouth Sudan

Establishing Young Leaders Specialists in Social Emotional Development Practice

The SESA Community Ecosystem spans 3 continents and provides a unique environment within which to establish and support specialist youth work provision.

Thus, a gateway is now open in Sudan as a partnership between Sesa Community and Matsh Youth Development, for youth workers to gain membership of a dedicated sesaYouth capability building community; purpose-built for youth worker development and providing 12-month pathway reach Gold member status, licensed as a Specialist in Youth Social Emotional Development Practice:

Multi-disciplinary professional capability across:

Emotional Intelligence, Trauma & Adverse Childhood Experiences; Social Emotional Learning and Autism.

Specialism in:

The practical application (within sport/music/education/vocational training/drama youth work) of the trauma responsive social emotional development of young people.

Impact Measured:

The impact of a new enhanced provision will be determined via measuring and benchmarking self-awareness and the social emotional skills for Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience.

Internationally Accredited and Grounded in Research

All learning & development is provided within the SESA Community Ecosystem, through a unique partnership structure with leading organizations from across the world.

While, each membership development stage enhances the professional capability and status, and is accredited by respected and subject expert institutions.

Furthermore, longitudinal research will track the impact of professional development through the lens of youth social emotional development; provided as competency development for the 10 social emotional skills of Personal Emotional Safety & Resilience..