Youth and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Skills

Nutrition - mental health - health awareness

Youth and Healthy Lifestyle Promotion Skills


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Shaima Al Abdulgader

Dates: 8 - 11 August 2022

*Dates are flexible, contact us for the next available dates.

Location: Dubai, UAE

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Participation Fees: $2,200 USD

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Youth development workers have a key role to play in delivering a holistic approach to health promotion. The program starts by defining youth in the context of health. It continues by looking at why it is important to involve young people in the planning and implementation of any programme that targets them, and how to promote youth participation. You will also look closely at some of the contemporary health issues that affect young people, such as nutrition and diet, sexual and reproductive health and drug abuse. The program also looks at how to enable practitioners to recognise the different roles they have, and how to foster effective working relationships.


When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:

  • Identify the major health issues affecting young people.
  • Outline health promotion strategies (particularly preventative strategies).
  • Describe the specific role of youth development work in health promotion.
  • Develop specific programs of health promotion.
  • Use the distinctive methodology of youth development work within the environment of a primary health care agency.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals of healthcare institutions.
  • Public health practitioners.
  • Youth Workers in government departments, corporates and NGOs.
  • Health awareness organizations staff.
  • Professionals responsible for youth policy formulation and strategy development.


Course Fees is $2,200 USD includes:

  • Course Enrollment
  • Training Materials
  • Certificates
  • Coffee Breaks

*Fees Don't Cover Air Tickets and Accommodation.


Day 1

Defining Youth and Health

Defining youth

Defining health

 Primary health care

Adolescent and youth developmental changes

 The basics of health and personal hygiene

Day 2

Involving Young People


Youth development and health services

The role of  young people in health

Developing skills and information

Factors affecting participation

Day 3

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Defining sexuality

Defining reproductive health

 Reproductive rights


 Traditional practices



HIV/AIDS and young people
HIV/AIDS and gender
Living positively with HIV/A
Strategies at the macro-level

Day 4



The World Health Organisation (WHO) mandate

 World food supply


Mental Health and Drug Abuse

What is mental health? 
Self-abuse and deviant behavior 
What is drug abuse?
Demographics and drug use 
Prevention and support
Self-abuse through injury and suicide

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