Youth Development Management Skills

Managing Youth Projects and Organizations



Summer Abu Zayed

Dates: 5 - 8 September 2022

*Dates are flexible, contact us for the next available dates.

Location: Dubai, UAE

This Course Can Be Delivered Online

Participation Fees: $2,200 USD

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This program focuses on the full range of management roles and tasks that a youth development worker, may need to perform. The program begins by exploring the concept of management and the theories informing the practices of management. It then focuses on showing you how you can manage both the resources and the staff you are responsible for in order to complete the tasks you need to manage, and it also guides you through the management of organisational development and change. Key management processes are covered in detail, including managing time, managing yourself, managing resources, staff development, budgeting and monitoring expenditure, and managing communication and information technology.


When you successfully complete this program, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness and commitment to the management tasks that are important in the delivery of youth development work.
  • Identify and discuss the key theories, approaches and styles that inform the practice of contemporary management, particularly in the not-for profit sector.
  • relate theories and approaches of management to the principles and practice of youth development work, in order to ensure that your management style is appropriate.
  • outline key areas and processes of management, such as organisational change, staff development, monitoring of expenditure and budgetary control, project management, critical path analysis and management of information and communication technology.

Who Should Attend

  • Department heads of youth focused institutions.
  • Young Leaders
  • Professionals responsible for youth project designing and management, in government departments, corporates and NGOs.
  • Youth Workers.
  • Volunteers.


Course Fees is $2,200 USD includes:

  • Course Enrollment
  • Training Materials
  • Certificates
  • Coffee Breaks

*Fees Don't Cover Air Tickets and Accommodation.


Day 1

Managing Youth Development Work

- Tasks and roles

- Critical path analysis


Youth Work Leadership

- Youth Leadership Styles

- Roles of Youth Work Leaders

- Leadership Tools

Day 2

Youth Policy Development

- Youth Policy nature, objectives and importance

- Successful Policies Vs. Failure Policies

- Youth Policies Frameworks in Action

Day 3

Youth Project Management

- Project Planning

- Project Development

- Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Day 4

Quality Youth Work

- Youth Project Quality Check List

- Quality Service for Youth


Risk Management

- Risk Management Plan

- Risk Management Procedures

- Risk Management Checklist

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